I was born in Ostrava, Czech republic in 1988. I like art, sports, nature, travelling, like to meet new cultures. I have practiced yoga since I was eight years old. I’m a vegetarian. I like to paint pictures with natural themes, animals. I like to combine reality with fantasy.

My motto is: “Art is life, life is art.”

I draw inspiration in nature, music, literature, film, theater, travel, meditation, meeting people.

I had a relationship with the color world since my childhood. What I’m going to do in my life, I did not worry too much. At the age of eleven, I said I was going to be a stuntman at the movie. They did not aprove at home. I said I would be a fashion designer. And I started walking to draw in the art circle. At the age of twelve, I painted Heron very live and real. Teacher and Mom discovered my artistic talent.  From the age of 13 I studied at the School of Performing Arts and then at the University of Ostrava in the field of Teaching Art for Secondary Schools and Primary Art Schools. I finished my studies with a painting diploma on Dreams and Imaginations.

From 2017 I am a member of the Association of Czech Artists. I have exhibited myself since 2010. My paintings are in private collections in the Czech Republic and in abroad.

I also dedicate myself to the restoration of paintings mainly from private collections.